These days, tech moves so fast that website designs seem to have the lifespan of a house fly. Nonetheless, here are a few of mine.

Tools: DW, PS, AI, WP

PHH Corporation
PHH is a private label branding company for companies such as Century 21,  Coldwell Banker and ERA. I produced the  design for their "Mortages Tamed" campaign.

AAA / Hertz
Redesign of Hertz Portal Page at
I've provided a UX walkthrough on this project in my CASE STUDIES section.

Affinity Cellular
Landing page for AAA partner

Skypark Condos
The client was looking for "something different." I worked with a developer who was interested in pushing the boundaries of javascript. My task was to AD all of this into usability.

Atid Rentals
Wordpress site with 3 IDX plugins. Incidentally, I did the featured 32 Lofts 3D image in Homestyler.

A simple, elegant wordpress redesign/config of the Brave Zeenat Theme.

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