“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.”  - Camus

Who Am I? 
Short Answer:

 Long Answer:
My name is Lane Zumoff. I'm a Multi-disciplinary Designer, Senior Level Role-Player and UMass Amherst Graduate with 17+ years of experience (Art Director, Print Designer, Interactive Designer, Illustrator, Production Artist, Business Owner). I've successfully performed these roles, some concurrently, for three reasons:

 1. Proficient
I learned early how to create-on-command with decisive efficiency thanks to the tight deadlines and quality control demands of my first employer Verizon. 

 2. Self-Starting 
 I was Managing Partner of a Northern Liberties boutique design shop and, in an earlier life, co-owner/operator of a property management company.

 3. Adaptive 
I work empathetically, ever-mindful of the needs of my employer, my client and my audience. From Campbell's to AAA, Yellowbook to Weichert: Every company does it their own way. I learn their way and help them do it better.

This site, my online portfolio, is my testament.
ps. I'm also a Father, Husband, Musician and Piney Kayaker but not in that order. 

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