“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.”  - Camus

Who Am I? 
Short Answer:

 Long Answer:
My name is Lane Zumoff. I'm a Multi-disciplinary Designer, Senior Level Role-Player and UMass Amherst Graduate with two decades of experience in Commercial Art as an Art Director, Print Designer, Interactive Designer, Illustrator, Production Artist, and Business Owner. I've successfully performed these roles, some concurrently, for three reasons:

 1. Proficient
I learned early how to create-on-command with decisive efficiency thanks to the tight deadlines and quality control demands of my first employer Verizon. 

 2. Self-Starting 
 I was Managing Partner of a Northern Liberties boutique design shop and, in an earlier life, co-owner/operator of a property management company.

 3. Adaptive 
I work empathetically, ever-mindful of the needs of my employer, my client and my audience. From Campbell's to AAA, Yellowbook to Weichert: Every company does it their own way. I learn their way and help them do it better.

This site, my online portfolio, is my testament.
ps. I'm also a Father, Husband, Musician and Piney Kayaker but not in that order. 

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