Approved Auto Repair
This was intended to let members know, in a light informal way, that some shops are more worthwhile than others (namely those granted the seal of AAA's approval). 

MORE IS MORE Internal Use Campaign Video
AAA's AOR (Agency of Record) came up with a nifty campaign concept ("More is MORE") and my job was to create a video elaborating on that concept in order to "socialize" the employees to this new "disruptive" marketing approach. This was for internal usage only - it used various elements from social media sources such as time lapse clouds, Dinty Moore cans and floating balloons. Terry Gilliam's silly Python animations inspired my approach.

AAA's Financial Services
This campaign was all about educating members per the "right" way to buy a car (loan first, THEN purchase).

AAA Year in Review Comic Book Movie Trailer
Usually at year's-end, AAA produces a conservative-looking internal-facing book elaborating on how the company's goals were met or exceeded. Somehow my colleague Dave White was able to convince the powers-that-be to try something different and present this info instead in comic book form using his own style. My job was to create a teaser trailer which preceded the book's release.

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