From 2007 to 2011, I co-owned and operated signatureONEgraphics ("sigONE" for short), a Fishtown/NoLibs boutique soup-to-nuts design service. Born out of my time as a Weichert AD, sigONE partnered me with my bosses, transitioning me from Employee to Employer (with three employees in my charge).

Project: 2424 York Street

Architectural Rendering 
My initial view of what 2424 would look like once construction was complete.

A building of historical significance, 2424 York was a former textile factory primed for a re-imagining. 80,000 sq. ft. of commercial space, transformed into 75 office and studio work units and 11,000 sq. ft. of prime event space.

Highlights from the submitted logos 
This was a rare instance where a first round concept met with universal approval.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
The  green and yellow-gold color scheme was reflective of the time, the dawn of LEED / Green construction. Although I advocated against the "studios" add-on, I ultimately tried to create some element that would suggest a lens or spotlight, a nod to Fishtown's artistic community (our target audience).

Print Collateral

Tri-Fold Brochure Exterior
8.75”x5.75”closed, 21.375" x5.75" open. 

Tri-Fold Brochure Interior with pocket
4"x5.75" left overlap, 8.75”x2" interior pocket.
The yellow circle became a motif -  seen above as bullet points and below as a visual way to unify key attributes such as "cOnnect and cOllaborate."

Floorpan Inserts
Knowing that some tenants would require special build-outs (such as Hahnemann University), we decided on a pocket-style brochure so floor plans could stay current with structural reconfigurations. 

Letterhead, Envelope and Business Card

sigONE was a one-stop shop, so in addition to my design and management responsibilities (two employees) I was also a Print Broker. I established a great B to B relationship with a local wholesaler which enabled me to produce affordable signage for my partners AND carve out a fair but healthy markup from sigONE's other client projects.
Exterior Banners
Two ultra mesh vinyl banners are seen here on the North and East facing corners in early days of construction. I'd recommended a more content-condensed banner with an easier-to-discern purpose (REGISTER ONLINE / GO TO WEBSITE) but clients often believe more is more.

Presentation Board
3x2 polypropylene print on gatorboard produced for the realtor, the lender and additional prospective investor pitch meetings.

The property management team used these to draw foot and street traffic. It was an adjunct to the large wall banners.

Interior Wayfinding Signage

The building would require an updatable visual direction system. After a good deal of research I went with Vista Signs. Their products feature plastic cover strips that slot easily, a pain-free way to place (and replace) printed tags. By the time the building was completed we had the following pieces installed:

Multi-Panel Directory  
63"x39" lobby directory noting every unit in the building.

Single Panel Directory 
Each level featured one of these displays.

Door Sign
Each unit's door (tenant or otherwise) was adorned with a Vista single sign.

Most of the printed ads were local papers and cultural directories serving Northern Liberties and Fishtown.

The Spirit News

Northern Liberties NKDC


2424 was a challenging project that demanded a lot of creative and organizational powers. I was fortunate to have a great Marketing Director, Dawn Secreto, by my side for much of the endeavor. While some of sigONE's efforts have since been revised (our original Wordpress build has undergone multiple theme changes) others will likely stand for some time to come.

Entrance Awning
When Fabricator Bill Curran installed his beautiful metalwork to the front of the building he not only placed the finishing touches on 2424's transformation, he made my logo a part of Philadelphia architecture.

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